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We also have a Diwali Whole School Assembly.

Diwali Assembly - Extract

Narrator 1: Welcome to our Diwali Assembly.
Child 1 There is a family around the corner from me who just celebrated something called Diwali.... What is that?
Child 2: Well..... Diwali is a festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world. Most Hindus live in India where Hinduism is the major religion. Hinduism is one of the world's oldest religions.
Child 3: Hindus all over the world celebrate Diwali around this time of the year. It is a New Year celebration and usually takes place around October or November time.
Child 1 They light some special candles. They really looked good at night time.
Child 4 During Diwali people light their homes with little lamps called "divas" to celebrate Diwali. That is why Diwali is called the "festival of lights".
Child 5 People celebrate Diwali after a very famous story from their holy book, the Ramayana. An important part of Diwali is to retell this story rather like the Nativity either through dance or music or drama.
Child 1 What does the story of Rama and Sita have to do with celebrating Diwali then?
Childen 6 Well to answer that question, we probably should watch this little play.... Now pay attention!
Narrator Long long ago in India there lived a wise king called Dhasaratha who was loved by all his people.
Dharasatha Hello my subjects... Yes I am that king. I am very popular and guess what I have more than one wife! I have three!
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