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Eid Assembly - Extract

Introduction Hello and welcome to our assembly. Today we are going to talk about Eid.
Narrator: 1 In the religion of Islam there are two important festivals. One is Eid al Fitr which happens at the end of Ramadhan and one is Eid al Adha which happens at Hajj time two months later.
Narrator: 2 Both are really important days in Islam and Muslims across the world celebrate it. In this assembly we are going to talk about the Eid celebration around the time of Hajj.

(Two children come to the front)
Child 1 Yeah, I have heard about Hajj and think it was on the news. What is it?
Child 2 Well Hajj is a pilgrimidge.
Child 1 A pilgrimidge.
Child 2 Yes - all that means is a journey. Hajj is a journey that muslims have to take at least once in their lifetime to Makkah which is in Saudi Arabia.
Child 1 Why Saudi Arabia?
Child 2 Well that's where Islam started about 1400 years ago! You can see it on the map here. (Use map provided).
Child 1 Well that's kind of in the middle of the world isn't it! How long does it take to get there?
Child 2 About 7 hours on an aeroplane! You can go to Saudi Arabia whenever you want but you can only go on the journey to Makkah only if you are a Muslim. They are quite strict about that.
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