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The Great Fire of London Class Assembly - Extract

Hello boys and girls.
We hope you are sitting tight.
Let us take you a little back in time.
To 1666
When something very little
Had caught very much alight!
Narrator 2 It was a normal night and London slept peacefully.

(Have all the children pretending to snore)

(Enter Thomas Faynor dressed in cook's clothing getting ready to sleep on a made up bed)
Thomas Faynor My name is Thomas Faynor. (Dressed up as a baker) And I own a bakery on Pudding Lane. My bread is the best bread in the whole of London. I am a very important baker... I bake for King Charles 11 you know! (He shouts) Workers, make sure you have shut all the ovens properly. Anyway... I have had such a long day! Goodnight.....
Narrator 3 What Thomas Faynor the baker didn't know was that one of his workers didn't switch off the ovens properly.

(From the bench - children could just call out their lines)
Child 1 What is that smell?
Child 2 Mum... I can't sleep
Child 3 There is a fire!

(Have all the children pretending to snore)
Child 4 Fire!
Child 5 Help! Fire!

(Sound effects - Fire engines / police sirens)
Narrator 4 The fire had started downstairs
And slowly began to spread
Through the roads and streets
As each Londoner was asleep in their bed
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